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The New Adventures of the Samurai Pizza Cats

These stories are my first attempts at writing fanfics.  They're ok, I guess, but for the most part I'm just getting my technique down.  The one exception is Chasing Forever. I'm really proud of that one, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

  • Ep.1: The Battle Continues Part One- Mere weeks after the Great Comet Caper, Speedy and the others enjoy early retirement.  But their peace is short lived as a new villian enters to pick up where Cheese left off.

  • Ep.2: The Battle Continues Part Two- In the conclusion of Part One the mystery villian is revealed, and the Cats dedicate themselves to fight this new threat to Little Tokyo.  Encludes Special Bonus Bloopers!

  • Ep. 3: Ninja Crows have a Crappy Job- Uhh... I'm not touching this one.  Read it for a laugh, but be warned: It's kinda gross.

  • Ep.4: Kitty Slickers- Desperate for some time off, the gang flies to New Mexico to take part in an old west style cattle drive.   But right under their noses, a couple of "old friends" prepare for a showdown.  Guest Starring the Mystery Men, and Featuring Sundance, the New York Pizza Cat!

  • Ep.5: Night of the Living Pizzas- The Cats confront an evil sorcerer, who uses Pizza Cat Pizzas to turn the townsfolk into his zombie slaves.

  • Ep.6: Chasing Forever- Speedy finally bites the bullet and proposes to Polly.  But Vi, already bitter over GB's engagement, makes a desperate alliance with "Fat Bunny" Costanza to ruin their wedding.  Cowritten w/ Anthony LoGatto. Guest Starring Will Smith!


SPC: New Millenium

This is where I bring out the big guns.  Gone are the narrator, Mama and Junior (who I rarely used anyway), and all the behind-the-scenes jokes and over the top humor.  It still uses the same basic timeline in The New Adventures, but things have taken a darker, more serious, and more adult tone.  Don't get to upset though: we're not talking a Crimson Dawn level of seriousness.  Not yet anyway...

  • Ep. 1: Honeymoon on Prisoner's Island- After spending months at the tropical paradice that is Prisoner's Island, Speedy and Polly are finally ready to come home.   Unfortunately, Big Cheese seems to have other ideas, and dispatches his former cohorts The Rude Noise to deal with them.  Will Speedy and Polly outwit the heavy metal henchmen?  Or will "Till death do they part" come a bit earlier than they had in mind?  Guest Starring Jay and Silent Bob!  Rated PG-13

  • Ep. 2: The Stranger- Polly begins to behave oddly following a mysterious abduction.   Has she simply snapped?  Or could more sinister forces be at work here? Rated PG-13

  • Ep. 3: Love & Technology- Whenever a young, lovesick mad scientist gets it in her head to build the perfect boyfriend, you know there's going to be trouble.   This time trouble comes in the form of Fat Bunny, who steals the young android for his own evil purposes.  Rated PG

  • Ep. 4: Blood Brothers- It's sibling rivalry Anchovy style, as Guido's older brother Romeo comes home to Little Tokyo.  But while Guido struggles to control his jealousy, Fat Bunny impliments a plan to turn Romeo against his brother and the rest of the Pizza Cats. Rated PG

  • Ep. 5: A New York Minute- On Hold.  Special Sneak Preview Here!


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