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Jan 21, 2001- That is the last time I try to do two updates in one month, since something always comes up to prevent the second update.  New Millenium 4 is finally finished, and Sovan has completed Chapter 2 of his series, so look for them in their respective sections.   In this chapter Sovan starts to break away from the Crimson Dawn paralells and do his own thing, so check it out.  You won't be disappointed.

        Also new this month: The multimedia section is back with the all new soundtrack section.  The fanart section is also back, but is still in desperate need of new pics.  So, any fanartist or would-be fanartist looking for a place to submit their work is more than welcome to send it here.  Also, starting this month the SPC Memorial is instituting an official "No Hentai" policy.  For the uninitiated, this means any fanfics or fanart that includes or consists solely of clear and graffical sexual content will not be displayed on this site.  Some slightly adult humor or situations are acceptible, but try and keep it to a PG-13 or lower folks.

        Still in developement: A revamped Miscellanious section w/ SPC Songs and Coming Attractions (among other things), more character profiles, special fanfics, and more.  Stay tuned for further developments!


Feb 8, 2001- After recieving a few complaints I checked out the Soundtrack section and discovered that the big zip file I put the songs into didn't upload properly.  Therefore I am going to have to do this the hard way: upload each song seperately.  I am beginning with The Ties that Bind by Bruce Springsteen, and over the next few days I hope to get the other songs from Episode 4 up, and eventually all the songs from Season 1.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

        Also, there is a new addition to the Character Profiles: the brainy Cerviche brother, Scott.  Read about him here and watch for more new additions to this section.


March 31, 2001- Whew.   That was close.  Almost didn't get this month's update in.

        After much frustration it has become apparent to me that I cannot get the mp3s uploaded for the Soundtrack section, so that part of the website is being replaced.  Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope the new section is satisfactory.

        Two new authors are featured this month: Phantomblade and Alpha Draconis.  Go check out their fics.  Now.

        Show that you're a true SPC fan.  Go sign the SPC Video and DVD Petition and Lil' Polly's SPC Petition here.

        Updates may be a bit slow and sparse the next few months, due to school and other RL concerns.  Fear not however, for I have no plans to abandon this site completely anytime soon.


August 08, 2001- If I may borrow a phrase from Monty Python & The Holy Grail- "I'm not dead!"

        I am very, very sorry for all the updates I've missed.  Chalk it up to 2 months of trying to keep up with school work and 2 months of post-Graduation, summer laziness.  I wish I had a better excuse, but I don't.

        But this month, I'm going to make it up to you.   The SPC Memorial, proudly presents: Planet of the Fanfic, a massive fanfic update!

        New authors include: Edward "Winter" Weldon, with The Cat who Came In From the Cold an awesome addition to New Millenium; Meowsma, who has writen 14 hilarious fics and also maintains his own SPC website; and B.J. Waters, who debutes with the humorous and intriguing Episode 1 of the Marik Series: Friends and Foes?   And as if that weren't enough, Kat and Sovan each have new editions to their libraries, Kat with the four-part Before They Made Pizza and Sovan with Dawn of a New Age, Chapter Three:The Offer.

        Hope this makes up for my absence of late.  As I said above, I have no intention of letting this site go.

September 28, 2001- Unless this webpage is your first stop after living in a cave or under a rock for the past couple of months, I don't have to tell you about the events of 9-11 and how much of a tragedy and outrage it is.  Thankfully everyone I know is ok, including my pal Anthony LoGatto who hails from NYC.  I can only hope that everyone out there who's reading this can say the same thing.  To those who did lose family and friends in this horrific event, my heart goes out to you.

        It has been a few weeks since this happened, but time seems distorted now.  Occasionally it seems like years have gone by, while at other times the event is as fresh as if it had happened this morning.  For me, while the shock has lessened, it has not vanished.  I am still sorting over my feeling about the attack and the resulting reactions to it, which I admit at times are conflicting.

        On a personal note, New Millenium 5: A New York Minute and consequently the entire New Millenium series has been put on temporary hold.  At first I had intended to continue working on this episode in spite of the tragedy, but recently it has become apparent that I am unable to do so.  While I have no intentions of perminantly abandoning this series (or even this episode) I am simply not in the right frame of mind to continue at this moment.

        As far as the actual update, it is rather small this month.  The song registry is finally up, although for now it is little more than a list of the songs used in my fics.  In coming months, I will add song lyrics to those I can find lyrics for.   Another new feature this month is the first ever SPC Memorial Shrine Webpoll, which you probably noticed on the homepage.  Please don't forget to vote before you leave, since it will only take a moment and I really want to know what people think about this idea.  If enough people are interested, I will post more information on the charity fic next month.

Oct. 30, 2001- Happy Halloween everybody!  I wish I could've decorated the site for the holiday this month, but unfortunately my computer has been giving me a very hard time lately.  The good news is I should be getting a new one very soon.  The bad news is that I'm not sure how long it will take to transfer the site to the new computer and to get it back on track.  So if updates are once again lacking over the next couple of months, I apologize in advance.

        Speaking of lacking updates, there really isn't much this month.  G.A. Wildcat's new fic is up, and his new site is in the links section.  The old one is now defunct, and thus deleted.

        The charity fanfic poll is now closed.   Due to the fact that the idea got a lukewarm reception (only 4 people were definately willing to buy) and at the suggestion of Princess Vi, I'll be writing the fic and posting it on the site as per normal.  If you'd like to donate money, you can do so at  I'll be adding more links charity links at a later date.

        There is also a new Webpoll on the homepage, in case you didn't notice it.  Please take the time to vote.

        Nov. 1st: No new content, but I've made a very important correction.  I fixed the .html for the New Pizza Cats Fanatics Webring.  Mucho Gracias to to the most generous Princess Vi for helping me out with that.

Dec. 22nd, 2001- Sorry for yet another lapse in updates.  I just got my new computer set up, and  have been trying to figure out how to access the site from it (nearly two years working on this thing and I'm still basically illiterate.)  Not only that, but AOL's been giving me 9 kinds of crap lately, though the computer works great otherwise.  Also, to be honest, certain personal events in RL have not left me in much of a mood to work on this.   It's just as well, I don't have anything new to post anyway.

Anyway, I know I don't have much longer to say this, but Happy Holidays everybody!  I've got the site decorated, and I'm using current lull to do some maintenance on the site, which will be ongoing.  Hopefully I'll be able to do a proper update after the holidays, when I'll have some more material.  Don't forget to send in your fiction and artwork (especially your artwork.  All I have are a couple pics by GuidoDan that he probably doesn't even remember doing.)

Speaking of sending stuff in, if anyone sent me an e-mail in the past month, please send it again.  I might not have gotten it because of the move.

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