Updates Year One (2000)

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April 9th, 2000: We're finally up!  After nearly a year of planning, the site is ready.   God.  This piece of [censored] took a whole [censored]ing year?

        Alright, I know it's not much now, but cut me a break.  This is my first real attempt at a webpage.   Hopefully I'll get some good stuff up soon, but until then you're stuck with this.  Actually, I had a lot more stuff in mind for this page, but a few days ago it became apparent to me that if I stuck with the original design, I'd never be done.

        By the way, if you've read Vi's rant about Stupid Webpages Made Easily, that's this site.  What can I say?   I'm an idiot when it comes to HTML.  I'm trying to make this site the best it can be without it, but at some point I guess I'll have to learn it.  Oh well.


April 10th: Managed to fix the pictures on each of the pages so they load now.  By the way, incase anybody's thinking of asking, I did not swipe any pictures from anyone.  These pictures are taken from my library of Pizza Cat episodes, and if they resemble pics of yours it must be a coincident.  If you don't believe me, then tough.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

        On a side note, I submitted the main page, Guido Cerviche's Anime Fanfic Palace, to the Anime Web Turnpike.  It should be up in the fanfic section in a couple weeks.


April 13th: Polishing up the site a bit.  Added Miscellanious section w/ New Millenium teaser.


April 18th: Very minor update.  Added my Guestbook, and the all important Samurai Saving Time link.


April 23rd: After much hard work, I have finally joined the Pizza Cats Fanatics webring.  A million thanks to the benevolent Princess Vi for helping me through this.  Expect semi-major updates soon.


May 8th: Ok, this isn't quite as semi-major as I had in mind.  Sorry, but school's winding to a close and I've got some major RL issues to deal with right now, so this page will be coming along alot slower than I planned.  Same with New Millenium. :(.

        I'll try and work on this whenever I can, but it's kindof on the back burner for now.   We're off to a great start, aren't we?

        On the plus side we have a new fanfic by my good friend Anthony LoGatto, as well as a whole new author by the name of G. A. Wildcat.  Check 'em out in the Others section.


May 29th: Two more fanfics by G. A. Wildcat.  Also my apologies to him for not posting them last week when he sent them to me.

        More good news: The lyrics to the New Millenium opening theme can now be found here!  The theme is a revision of Bruce Springsteen's song "No Surrender" from the Born in the USA album.  The song is about remaining committed to one's sworn duty, no matter what.  Hopefully I will soon have an MP3 of it on the site.

        Coming up Next- New Millenium Episode 1: Honeymoon on Prisoner's Island!


June 3rd: Ok, so maybe it's not immeadiatly next.  Fortunatly, I have something just as good: The Save SPC section is now up!

        I have also buttonized most of the links on the Links page, as well as adding a link to the SPC Mailing List which for some reason I did not know existed until today!  Auuughhh!   Bad Brain!  Bad Brain!  Why you no tell me these things?

        Ok, I'm done.  Sanity has returned, for the most part.


June 23rd: This one is a rather small, but no less important update.  This humble website now features the very talented Kat, author of such witty works as The Samurai Stalker and Binky our Hero!  Read them now, right here!


July 14th: Now we are finally getting somewhere.  We have a rather major update on our hands, ladies and gentlemen.  First, in the Others section you will now find several new fics by G.A. Wildcat, as well as a little surprise that I think you will enjoy.  Second, I am happy to announce that after many months, New Millenium has made its debute with Episode 1: Honeymoon on Prisoner's Island!   Catch it now in the Fanfics section, and expect Episodes 2 and 3 very soon!

        By the way, since I have included the series teaser for New Millenium at the beginning of the first fanfic, I have removed it from the website.  Just FYI.


July 29th: Wow, two major updates in one month!  How many Pizza Cat websites can boast that nowadays?

        More hilarious fanfics in the Others section, this time by comedy master Kat, as well as the revised edition of Anthony LoGatto's Brains vs. Brawn.  Also the Fanfic Character Profiles are up, featuring the luscious Polly Andry and Anthony LoGatto's Jefferson Manx from the newly released Episode 2: The Stranger!


August 26th: In poker a pair of 3s is a really lousy hand, but that's pretty much what you get with this month's update.  Episode 3 of The New Adventures... is finally revised and up, along with Love and Technology from New Millenium.

        On a less positive note, I've deactivated the Multimedia and Miscellanious sections until I can get some more stuff into them, which may not be for a while.  If you want to view the wedding pic from Chasing Forever it can be found on the website of its artist, the talented GuidoDan.

        gdknbtn2.jpg (4671 bytes)

        That's about it for now.  Expect updates to the Character Profiles soon, with the characters from Love and Technology making an appearance.


October 10th: Ok, I know I missed a month.  Mia culpa, mia culpa.

        A couple new things for the Shrine this month.   G. A. Wildcat's series begins to heat up with two new chapters: Operation Bonzai, & Unlikely Allies.  Sisters rule in the Profiles section with the new additions giving the inside scoop on Ruth Esther and Josie Omitsu. 

        And coming soon: The New and Improved Miscellanious section featuring SPC Songs.  Write new SPC-related lyrics to your favorite songs and send them in to be posted on this site!


December 10th: Wow, did I really miss a whole month?!  Sorry about that, folks.  RL has been hell lately.

        Unfortunately, I didn't get nearly as much stuff done for this update as I wanted.  I'm still working on the new Miscellanious section, as well as New Millenium: Episode 4, and additional character Profiles.   If possible, I'll do another update later this month when all that stuff is ready.

        But enough about what's not in this update, let's talk about what is.  I've got three new fics from G.A. Wildcat, which he has informed me are the last three he'll be sending for a while.  I have also added another fic by Anthony LoGatto {Don't worry, it's not Hentai.  Just kidding Anthony! :) } as well as a fic by a new author: The first chapter of the Dawn of a New Age series by another good friend of mine, Sovan Kawasagi.

        Oh, by the way, Happy Holidays everybody!   Hope you like our decorations.  Once again, big thanks to Pzario for the pic from The Cheese Who Stole Christmas.