Scott Cerviche

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Full Name: Scott Prescott Cerviche

Age: 20

Sex: Male (Tomcat)

Species: Cat

Weapons: His intelligence and his inventions

Finishing Moves: None

History: Scott Cerviche is the younger brother of Speedy Cerviche. He is the brains of the Cerviche family. But with that comes the put-downs and names like "nerd", "geek", "bookworm", etc. Fortunately his big brother Speedy has always been there to help.

Speedy and Scott’s father was the leader of the previous team of Samurai Pizza Cats. When Scott was still young, their father died in battle, leaving the two brothers’ futures uncertain. Speedy as we already know, went on to continue his dad's legacy. Scott however, preferred to put the Cerviche name into the world of science. He showed off his theories and inventions to the other scientists. But faster than the music careers of people like Linda Laurie (Ambrose Part 5), "Rappin' Duke" Shawn Brown (Rappin' Duke), William J. Amerling (O Holy Night {for god sake's, don't ask!}.) and Canadian flop, Bryan Adams, it didn't last long.

Months after Fat Bunny's arrival, Scott decided to work with his brother Speedy at the Pizza Cat Pizzeria. After a happy reunion, Speedy gave Scott Francine's old post at the cannon. Amazingly, Scott was a good shot, and after hiring him our heroes had perfect landings for once. Unfortunately, before you can say "Fire in the dirty, stinkin' hole!" Fat Bunny used the gigantic bird poop dumper to cover the Pizza Cat with him and Francine inside. Our heroes eventually rescued them, of course. During the rescue, Scott met yet another scientific genius (in his own wacky mind), Guru Lou. He then decided to help out Lou as his assistant. Since then, Speedy and the others have once again suffered crash landings that make Launchpad McQuack look like a rocket scientist. But over all, it is a small price to pay to have Scott help them with his scientific know-how. After all, behind every person, there is always a smart person to guide him or her.

Voiced by: Wayne Knight (best known as Newman on Seinfield)

First Appearance: Ninja Crows Have a Crappy Job (The New Adventures of the Samurai Pizza Cats, Episode 3)

Created By: Anthony LoGatto