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Anthony LoGatto

A good friend and a great writer, Anthony combines elements of his other favorite series, Sailor Moon, into the Pizza Cat universe, resulting in some amusing, engaging, and all around enjoyable fanfics.   Anthony, congrats on being the first person to get their 'fics published on my site!


Ninja Kasuga

The second writer to be posted on this site, Ninja Kasuga picks up where Jonas Miles left of in his War of the Demonites series.  After reading the intense first chapter, I have to say that my mouth is watering with anticipation.  I'm looking forward to the next chapter in this series almost as much as I'm looking forward to Endgame Part 2: Mirror Mirror.  Ninja, great work!


G. A. Wildcat

Mr. Wildcat was paying me a little visit a while back and saw that I am interested in new fanfics.  This is why it always pays to advertise.  You can also find G. A. Wildcat's fanfics on Fanfiction.net (or at least you could, since the site is down as of this update) so if you happen to check it out, be sure to drop him a review and tell him what you think.



I remember Kat's fics from the days of the original SPC Labs, and I have to tell you that they are as hilarious as I remembered them to be.  Kat is one of the funniest fanfic writers I've read, remaining true to the series through pure silliness.  Read and Enjoy.


Jonas Miles

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read right.  The legendary Jonas Miles, dare I say the greatest fanfic author ever known, has bestowed upon me the honor of featuring his work beginning with the first chapter in the Endgame saga.   If you have not yet read the masterpiece that is Crimson Dawn, do so at this time.  It is quite long, but more than worth the time you will spend on it.


Sovan Kawasagi

Another good friend of mine, Sovan and I have had numerous adventures together via one-on-one roleplaying sessions {although not as frequently as we would like, as of late :) }  The series starts out a bit derivative of Crimson Dawn, but around the middle of Chapter 2 it heads off in a totally different direction.  Of course if you're planning an epic Pizza Cat's adventure there's no better model than Jonas's masterpiece. 


Alpha Draconis

Alpha Draconis contacted me shortly after I posted my New Millenium fics on Fanfiction.net where his fics are also archived.  After informing me that I ran one of his favorite fanfic sites (flattery will get you nowhere, Draconis) he asked me if I would post his fics here.  Actually, I would've asked to post them anyway.   Blending drama and hilarity in a way that would make the original series proud, here is Snowed In



My apologies to this author, but I don't have much to write about him.  He mailed me his fic a while ago and asked me to post it on the site.   Shortly after downloading the fic I lost his mail, so I'm not even sure what his pen name is.  I have listed him here by his email address.  Once again, I apologize for this mix-up.  Perhaps with the next fic he could send me a little info on himself so I can write something nice about him. *hint, hint*


Edward "Winter" Weldon

Winter is another author I met on Fanfiction.net after posting my New Millenium series, and what a pleasant surprise it was to run across him.  He's helped me tremendously in developing New Millenium, even going so far as to write his own fanfic for it!  It is my privilege to present the first of what will hopefully be his many contributions to the series.



Meowsma has the distinction of being the most prolific author on this site, with 14 short but very humorous fics (counting his 3-part story, Beginning of SPC).  He also has a very cool website, which can now be found in the links page.


B.J. Waters

B.J. Waters has been a long time patron of the SPC Memorial and I now have the privilege of presenting his fanfic on the site.  It's another fic inspired by Jonas's Crimson Dawn but with a few twists.  For one, B.J. attempts (and in most cases suceeds) to keep much of the show's original humor in his writing.  For another... well, I don't want to give too much away.  Just read it.



Just when I was beginning to think no one was interested in this site anymore, BurkeWorld sends me his fanfic.  This talented offering is called The Forsaken, and it's part one of a trilogy.  This has to be one of the most promising works I've read in a long time, and considering the talent on this site, that's saying a lot.


More than anything else, I welcome Fanfic submissions. To see your fanfics posted among the other distinguished authors here send them to GuidoCx19@hotmail.com