Both Genuine and Sarcastic

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There are certain people whom, without which, this website would not be possible.  And then there are people whom, without which, this website would've been done a long time ago.  It is here that these people get their just desserts.   First, those to whom I am truly greatful.

  • Thanks to my mom and dad for supporting me even though their actual interest in Pizza Cats is nonexistant.

  • Thanks to GuidoDan for providing me with those awesome pics to go with my stories.

  • Thanks to Anthony LoGatto, for being my IM buddy, and sticking with me despite my notorious unreliability.   Bonus thanks for the fanfics and for constantly reminding me to finish the site.

  • Thanks to Ninja Kasuga for your interest in my fanfics, and also for your excellant work.

  • Thanks to Jonas Miles for his awesome and inspiring Crimson Dawn fanfic, and for being the first person to publish my fanfics on the web.

  • Thanks to all my favorite musicians for giving me stuff to listen to and to feature in my fanfics.  Among them: Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Daryl Hall & John Oats, Billy Joel, Bob Marley, Oingo Boingo, Will Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, and ZZ Top.  (I got strange taste in music, don't I?)

  • Thanks to Princess Vi, unquestionably the most active member of the SPC web community, and for helping through the webring crisis :)

  • Finally, thanks to everyone in the SPC web community.  It's nice to know there are people out there who share my obsession.


Damn, I know I'm forgetting someone.  Oh well, If I think of anyone else, I'll put them in.  Now for the fun part: complaning!

  • "Thanks" to my bratty brother, who constantly condemned my work as stupid, and one day tricked me into accidently erasing this site.  Moron.

  • "Thanks" to Geocities for erasing my work, yet continuing to send me SPAM.

  • "Thanks" to whoever made my CD-Rom which no longer works, for rendering 1/2 a gigabite's worth of games and programs useless.

  • "Thanks" to the SATs and PSATs for making my life a living hell during the last  couple of weeks before I got this site up and for almost giving me a nervous breakdown.

  • "Thanks" to the men in white coats who keep showing up to try and take me to the Big Shiny Place (I'm kidding about this one.)

  • "Thanks" to the universe in general, since it seems to hate me even though I did nothing to it. (I'm not kidding about this one.)

I think that's everyone.   I don't want to leave anybody off that list either.

In closing, I would like to offer genuine thanks to you for visiting this site.  Hopefully, it will remain up for a very long time.