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In the next episode of SPC: New Millenium

Seven [said over footage of Guido checking out of the hospital]: With Guido still recovering from his injuries and the pizza parlor in charred ruins, the Pizza Cats are in desperate need of a vacation. [shot of the cats meeting with Big Al] Fortunately, they are about to get one as Big Al makes arraingements for our heroes to have a little R&R, courtesy of their western counterparts the New York Pizza Cats.

[Shot of Speedy and the others being met by the NYPC at the airport.]

Sundance: Howdy guys! Welcome back to the Big Apple.

Seven [shot of FB and Elliot in NY]: Unfortunately for both clans of cats, Fat Bunny soon arrives in New York to strike an alliance with Seymour Cheese’s uncle: Sir Chester Cheddar, the arch nemisis of the NYPC. [Cut to Sir Chester Cheddar shaking hands w/ FB {Sir Chester Cheddar resembles his nephew, but in a business suit, w/ a mustache and monocle.}] Together, the two villains hatch a sinister conspiracy with the shadowy Chronos International that they hope will spell doom for both teams of heroes. [Cut to assorted scenes of the SPC and NYPC walking around New York.] Meanwhile, unaware of the danger lurking ahead, the Samurai Pizza Cats attempt to relax and enjoy themselves. [Shot of Francine talking with her old boyfriend Bucky, and then with Guido.] Little do they know that they themselves are setting into motion events that will change their lives forever.

[Shot of Guido and Francine, on the dance floor of a club, dancing to the chorus of Don Henley’s New York Minute.]

Join the Samurai Pizza Cats as they discover for themselves just how much can change, in A New York Minute, Episode 5 of SPC: New Millenium.