The Samurai Pizza Cats

Movies Project

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Ok, here's the deal folks.  I don't want to give to much away on this, because I would like it to remain a surprise.   Hype seems to generate quicker that way. :)  Basically I'm embarking on a massive trilogy of fanfics (when I say massive, I'm talking Crimson Dawn massive) which I am, for now, calling the Samurai Pizza Cats Movies Project.  Obviously this will not be the actual title.

There is very little that I wish to reveal at this point.  The first episode of the Trilogy is far from complete, and even when it is, I will not release it until the conclusion of New Millenium, as that series leads into it.  All I will say is that I was inspired by Jonas Miles' Crimson Dawn, as well as several other sources including (incase you couldn't tell from the title font) Star Wars.  Naturally this will be a Pizza Cat's adventure of epic proportions.  Here is just a breif sample of what will be included:

  • The secret of the Cats' powers, and how their current talents are just a fraction of their true potential.
  • The origin of the Clans of Pizza Cats, and their connection to an ancient society of Jedi-like knights.
  • The true destiny of the Pizza Cats, the moment which every event in their lives has led up to.
  • A new ally, and a team of new enemies with God-like powers.
  • Plenty of action, adventure, romance, loss, pain, and (ooh hoo hoo!) REVENGE!

Expected Release Date is somewhere in late 2001 to early 2002.  Sorry all, you'll just have to be patient!