Ruth Esther

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Full Name: Ruth Angela Esther

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Species: Cat

Weapons: Samurai Sword, Dagger, Throwing Darts, Naginata (Japanese Polearm)

Finishing Move: Starlight Slash [She holds one sword straight up and the other straight down, then moves them in a clockwise direction to form a circle. Within the circle a white star forms. She then slashes the top sword down and the bottom sword up, releasing the star-shaped beam of energy at her opponent.]

History: Ruth’s mother died when she was very young, leaving the young girl to be raised by her older sister Polly and their father.  Polly was, and still is, very protective of her little sister, and often chided her for her reckless and fun-loving behavior.   The two girls were also extremely competitive, to the point where their father forced them to see a psychiatrist rather than deal with the aftermath.  Having grown up with Polly, Ruth has the unique ability to remain unintimidated by her sister’s temper.  This talent has quickly earned her the respect of her new co-workers.

But while Ruth is very brave, she is far from fearless.  When she was 8 she wandered away from her sister while they were shopping and became caught in the crossfire of a battle between the ninja crow Dirty Bird and that generation’s Samurai Pizza Cats.  Dirty Bird escaped by causing the shop that Ruth was hiding in to collapse, trapping the young girl.   If not for the efforts of the Pizza Cats, led by Speedy’s father, she would have undoubtedly died.  To this day, Ruth is afflicted with severe claustrophobia.

When Ruth was 17 and in high school she had a talent for art and theater, specifically singing and acting.  Her drama teacher told her he knew some people in Hollywood, and could make her a star.  After a big argument with her father and sister, she left with him.   Unfortunately they had been right: the guy was a creep, and was only interested in using her.  She left him after two months, and tried to make it on her own.

Ruth quickly discovered the harsh truth of Hollywood: very few actors actually make it big, even if they have talent.  Parts were few and far between, and they were normally just bit parts.  Or they were in some cruddy, low budget movie that bombed worse than Hiroshima.  The year Ruth turned 18 things were so bad that she went into hentai, where she befriended a successful and beautiful "actress" named Josie.   Unlike her new friend, however, Ruth disliked the industry and worked in it only when she could get no other jobs and was in danger of starving.  After three years in Hollywood, Ruth decided she had had enough.  She would move back to Little Tokyo, make peace with her father and sister (whom she missed very much), and start over.  As luck would have it, she chose for her new place of employment a charming little pizzeria known as the Pizza Cat.

Working at the Pizza Cat has brought on a whole new set of problems for Ruth.  She has battled her sister (almost literally at times) over her desire to join the Pizza Cats fighting force.  She also finds herself irresistibly drawn to the handsome and charming Guido Anchovy, a situation that complicates Guido’s relationship with Lucille.  While Guido has come to respect and care for Ruth, he obviously doesn’t she her the way she wants him to.  This frustrates her to no end and has driven her desire to the boarder of obsession.

Voiced by: Lori Petty

First Appearance: Love & Technology (New Millenium, Episode 3)

Created by: Guido Cerviche