Polly Andry

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Full Name: Polly Andry

Age: 1 Month {By the end of Episode 2. Physical Age- 23 years}

Sex: Female

Species: Cat

Weapons: Whip, Samurai Sword, Throwing Darts, Steel Tipped Claws, Sex Pheromones

Finishing Move: The Heart of Darkness (or just "Dark Heart". It resembles Polly’s finisher, except the heartshaped energy beam is black and crackles with evil energy.)

History: Polly Andry’s story begins much further back than one might think. In fact, it all began when Polly Esther enrolled in Miss Ratina’s Modeling School {in the episode Samurai Charm School}. The school, of course, was really an attempt by Big Cheese to recruit female ninjas for his criminal empire. Although Polly eventually caught wind of the scheme and foiled Cheese’s plans with the help of Speedy and Guido, her performance at the school planted the seed that would eventually sprout into her evil body-snatching twin.

When Cheese eventually realised that his star pupil at the school had been Polly Esther, he realized what a powerful ally she could be. Still he knew that she would never betray her teammates, and it wasn’t until he and Jerry Atrick had secretly returned to Little Tokyo that he began to envision a plan to make his dream a reality. Hidden beneath the streets of Little Tokyo, he and Atrick constructed an ultra-high tech laboratory using the money they made in L.A. Unfortunely, building the lab once again completely drained Cheese’s funds, bankrupting him again. The Rude Noise’s failure at Prisoner’s Island was more of a relief than a disappointment to him, especially since he no longer had to pay them.

Utilizing Roland Crow’s loyalty to Jerry Atrick, Cheese had him kidnap Polly. He then used the technology in his lab to create an exact double of her that would be loyal to him rather than the Pizza Cats. Unfortunately for Cheese there were (naturally) several flaws in his plan. First of all, while Polly Andry was physically and mentally equal to her counterpart, her rapid development left her with the emotional maturity of a five-year-old. Add that to the fact that she was raised by two "supervillians", one of which played the part of the mother a bit too heavily, and it’s easy to see how she ended up so warped.

Despite her dominating exterior and sadomasochistic tendancies, Andry is actually very insecure. This is especially true of her unusal origin, and she often becomes angry and violent when it is brought up. She is also exceedingly jealous of her forbear, the real Polly Esther, and is driven to defeat her at every opportunity. This includes winning the affections of Polly’s husband, the great Speedy Cerviche.

Voiced By: Sonja Ball

First Appearance: The Stranger (New Millenium Episode 2)

Created by: Guido Cerviche