Josie Omitsu

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Full Name: Josie Eliza Omitsu

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Species: Ram

Weapons: None

Finishing Move: None

History: The oldest Omitsu sibling, Josie shares Lucille’s beauty. This made her quite popular in High School, especially among the desperate male students. She has a record of having 8 (count 'em, 8) boyfriends. In addition to her loveliness and sexy "measurements", she was also popular for being the only pretty girl that is nice to everyone. She was even voted Prom Queen during her Senior year in 1993.

In the same year, Wally's sushi bar had not been doing well against the other fast food resturaunts, and the Omitsus had to get some money pronto. Josie, being the most popular and sexiest girl in H.S., did the unthinkable. She went to work in hentai. Her film debut was in Xtacee Studio's "Summer of Love" in August 1993. Although her father refused to congratulate her, she became Xtacee's biggest meal ticket. Although most people think of hentai as heartless, she loved being in the business. She has found many friends in her co-stars, and frequently consults them for advice.

Unfortunately, Josie did have to put up with numerous perverted fan-boys. Tired of dealing with them, Josie moved in with Lucille and Wally after her last film, "Pornomon". But she was called back by Xtacee Studios to star in their new movie, "American Nympho". She then returned to Little Tokyo, this time for good, hoping for a normal life. That’s when she met Jefferson Manx.

Although she does not realize it yet, Jefferson’s feelings for Josie run deeper than the usual fanboy desires she’s used to. If she can see past his perverted exterior, she might even return his feelings. Hidden deep inside of her, she wants someone to love her for not only her past and her breathtaking beauty.

Josie was also a professional dominatrix when she was in the hentai industry. She still has her uniforms, whip, and other bondage gear. You can guarantee (there's that word again) that she'll give Jefferson a "ride of his life".

Voiced by: Jackie Farrell (Note: She has been in June Plays at my school since 1989. She's an independent actress hence that she has 10 years experience before graduating.)

First Appearance: Kitty Slickers (New Adventures of the Samurai Pizza Cats, Episode 4)

Created by: Anthony LoGatto