Jefferson Manx

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Full Name: Jefferson Milhouse Manx

Age: 28

Sex: Male (Tomcat)

Species: Cat

Weapons: None

Finishing Move: None

History: Jefferson is the son of Francine's uncle. Unfortunately, there is one problem that does put a shame on Francine's family: Her uncle was a gigilo and her aunt (Jeff’s mom) was an exotic dancer. As you might guess, Jefferson followed in his dad's footsteps at 16 years old. But soon afterwards, tragedy did follow. His dad died in a tanning booth, and his mother was eaten by her pet snake in the nude at an airport.

After spending 2 of his remaining years in High School, he turned down a chance to go to NYU to continue with dad's life. The New York women loved his acts, but he never got a steady relationship. During those years he was a big fan of hentai, and always a fan of the magazine "Play Toon". In otherwords, he was a sex-crazed pervert. And if that wasn't humiliating enough, he was arrested by police thanks to some of the "prostitutes" that he picked up turned out to be female officers.

Later, after all the pain he went through, his cousin Francine called him from Little Tokyo to help out out her friend's pizza parlor. Eager to get away, he got his passport and flew from America to Little Tokyo to help his cousin out. Unfortunatly, his little perverted problems came back to haunt him and he never succeded to get a girlfriend there. His most humiliating moment was on his first day on the job. Francine docked his pay for offending three cute girls, who left without paying for their food. She also docked the cost of the table one of the girls put his head through.

But inside his perverted exterior, Jefferson really is a lonely guy. In fact, the one girl who might actually give him a chance doesn’t yet know he exists. Eventually he will meet Josie Omitsu, Lucille’s mysterious older sister, and discover something deeper than his usual lust. If he can tell her his feelings without screwing up, you might expect some "jumping" going on.

Voiced by: Ted McGinley

First Appearance: The Stranger (New Millenium Episode 2)

Created by: Anthony LoGatto